Gorgeous Cobalt Blue Cast Iron Kyusu TeaPot



1oz./28.34 g.

This well-made teapot works great for not only just brewing herbs but serving loose leaf tea as well. Made from cast iron and a painted coating on the interior to prevent rusting. It includes a stainless steel infuser basket. Holds better than ceramic, this teapot is easy to clean but is hand wash only. This teapot is not used for boiling water. In other words, do not place this teapot directly on any stovetop burner. Pour boiling water through the infuser and put the lid back on.

6.75 in. H x 6.5 in. W x 7.25 in. L

Although Kyushu refers to all teapots, a traditional kyusu Japanese teapot is made of clay. Its iconic characteristic is that it has one side handle. This modernized cast iron version holds heat better and does not break as easily. Only have a very limited supply in stock.


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