Glass Teapot | Coffee | Heat Resistant | 18.59 oz./ 550 ml.



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Perfect for loose tea of coffee grounds. Easy to use and clean, fun to watch brew. Never wonder if your tea has steeped enough. Holds about 2 full cups at a time


1.Heat and cold resistant-The high borosilicate glass could tolerate temperature from -4°F/-20℃ to 302°F/150℃. You may pour
boiling water or frozen water directly into it.
2.Easy to clean-Smooth surface and detachable lid make cleaning effortless
3.Healthy Choice- Food-grade safe and eco-friendly
4.Good chemical stability-super acid/alkali/water proof
5.Low expansion and high strength
6.Non-toxic inner for taste and scent neutral .
7.Condensation free

Lead Free

H 10.5 cm/ 4.1 in. x W (Bottom) 9 cm/ 3 in. x W (Top) 7 cm/2.75 in.

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